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Our staff has been in the upholstry business for decades, and even follows generations of family in the upholstry business. Our specialists come from a strong background in customization, and have been involved with award winning projects. It's safe to say, we know our material.

 After decades of providing custom upholstery services for clients, we found it more and more difficult to find material that was up to our high standards. From there, we made it a quest to find the best materials possible, and provide them to the world. Through these pages, you'll find the materials you need to get your project done, and done right. We offer everything from the basics to the exotics, and even the tools to help make your project come to life. We strive to provide the best of the best, and stay up with the newest trends. So whether you're just looking for some basic foam, or some Stingray Leather, we've got what you need. 

Due to large amounts of sales, and our expanding inventory, not all product is listed on our site. We do attempt to maintain our site, but if you are in search of something that is not listed, call us so that one of our customer service specialist can assist you in finding what you need. 

We are conveniently located at 

815 High St. 

Suite E. 

Oakland, Ca. 94601

Feel free to call for questions, or directions. 

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